Ages : 2 years to 12 years of age

Pre-School Hours
Full-Time : 7:30 am - 6:00 pm

School Age Hours
Full School Days : 7:30 am - 8:45 am
11:55 am - 12:55 pm
      3:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Inservice Days : 7:30 am - 6:00 pm

Our Program
Our Program
"Quality Preschool and School Age Child Care"                   1777 Grant Avenue   Winnipeg, MB   R3N 0M9

Carpathia Children's Centre Inc.
The Centre is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, comprised of parents and interested community members. The purpose of the board is to establish goals for the centre, and are responsible for the overall operation and devolopment of policies related to it's operation.
Board of Directors
Experienced and professional staff strive to provide your child with an enriched, nurturing program.

Staff maintain current Emergency First Aid, Infant/Child CPR training, and are classified through the Manitoba Child Day Care Office.
Fees are levied in accordance with provincial guidelines and subsidy is available to those families who qualify. 

Our Program provides a safe, nurturing and educational environment that allows for exploring and learning opportunities. This is the environment where children feel valued and comfortable. Different materials and equipment are accessible to them, both indoors and outdoors. This is the environment that helps children gain new skills, reach their goals and be successful in life. 

Children learn best through play, with-hands on activities e.g. measuring, grouping, classifying, organizing, communicating, co-operating, etc. They embrace learning through daily routines, meaningful interactions and relationships with peers and staff. The staff encourage children to interact with each other by a variety of methods.  Staff may group children for activities eg. group murals, games, sharing circle, etc.  
 The environment is set up in such a fashion to promote meaningful active learning through play.   They have ample amount of time for free and structured play available throughout the day. Children socialize among themselves as well as the staff, and at the same time acquire beneficial skills eg. turn taking, co-operating, listening and assisting others. This promotes appropriate child development in all four areas (social, emotional, cognitive and physical). 

The staff observes children and records the observations so that we can set the learning environment and plan the activities/experiences based on children’s interests. Children are informed prior to all transitions.  A warning is given eg. turning off the lights, finger plays, games and songs help make transitions run smoothly.  Scheduled activities foster interest, increase the child’s awareness and exposure of different and fascinating ideas.  This is achieved by celebrating our centre’s cultural diversity through including parents and community by sharing their unique heritage eg. Chanukah, Ramadan, etc.  Our knowledgeable staff are there to support, challenge and facilitate in any manner. Through positive reinforcement children are encouraged to investigate, to predict, to estimate, to take part in discussions, to make mistakes and to make decisions. This is achieved by rearranging the learning environment based upon the children’s interests at any given point and time.

 We open the doors to unplanned experiences and new approaches to acquired learning, eg. child brings in a bug in a jar. We build a sense of  belonging, self esteem and confidence, eg. each child’s opinions are valued through open ended questions and discussions.  Children are encouraged to accept the differences between individuals and to display empathy.  Staff provide a variety of materials to support and expand the child’s play experience.  Materials such as ethnic dolls, CD’s, books, clothing in the drama centre, cooking experiences and flannel board stories are used by staff to promote cultural awareness and acceptance.

We coordinate and organize our program planning through meetings, communication books, calendars, workshops and research. To support our program we offer choices, eg. children are given the choice whether to take part in activities or not. We are flexible with our schedule; we use indirect guidance, staff model and engage children in active learning. Our Curriculum evaluation is ongoing and occurs with staff from various classrooms, eg. we step back; evaluate the environment to determine if the children are happy and interested.   Evaluation of the learning environment ensures our program is current and ever changing to meet developmental needs. 
We have open communication with our families to convey information about their children’s learning and development verbally on an informal basis.  Contact is maintained with our families through our website, our communication boards located outside each classroom and one-on-one conversations in person, by phone or email. We encourage all our families to become actively involved in all facets of our program.  

Curriculum Statement
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